COVID-19 Information

(Updated May 21, 2020)

It is with deep sadness to share with you that we have closed the first half of our 2020 summer. As of today – May 21, 2020 we have officially cancelled the following sessions. 

  • Session 1M (June 14 – June 20)
  • Session 1 (June 21 – July 18)
  • Session 1A (June 21 – July 4)
  • Session 1B (July 5 – July 18)

We have not made the official decision to close the second half of our summer, sessions 2, 2A, 2B & 2M, and plan to make that announcement in the coming weeks. We won’t be enrolling first session campers in second sessions, but we can add you to a list of interested families and reach out if the opportunity to operate becomes available to us.  

Options Moving Forward:

TO OUR FAMILIES WHO ENROLLED IN SESSION 1M, 1, 1A, & 1B FOR SUMMER 2020: we fully share the disappointment with you and are beyond grateful for your patience and support through the recent weeks. We have outlined the following options for your paid tuition this summer and ask that you send an email to with the option that you select. Please understand that it will take us some time to process each request, but we will be sure to reply with confirmation upon doing so.

Option 1 – Put Full Tuition Funds on Account– Place your full tuition on account with no expiration date and receive an additional $250 credit per camper.

Option 2 – Receive a Partial Refund– Farm Camp will give you an immediate refund, excluding the $500 deposit, which will remain on your account with no expiration date. You have the option to put any amount of your tuition greater than the deposit on account with no expiration date, the remainder will be immediately refunded.

Option 3 – Make a Donation to Camp- Through our scholarship program, your non-refundable deposit or any part of your tuition can become a tax deductible donation to help sustain the future of our program. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Option 4 – Late Summer Refund-  Farm Camp will be giving full refunds in September less a $250 administrative staffing fee. This is in order to be equitable and arrange appropriate financing. 

TO OUR FAMILIES ENROLLED IN SESSION 2, 2A, 2B, & 2M FOR SUMMER 2020:  We thank you for your patience at this time. We will spend our next couple of weeks processing our first session cancellations and refunds. Though our chances of operating at any point this summer are highly unlikely, we will need to wait a few weeks before making second session announcements. If you would like to cancel your session, you are welcome to do so in an email sent to Options 1-3 listed above are currently available to you, and all 4 become available if and when our second sessions are officially cancelled. 

Getting to this Decision

TO OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY; staff, campers, parents, friends, and family, thank you so much for your kindness, support, and understanding over the recent weeks. This has been an incredibly humbling experience for us as a program. We’ve spoken with many of you through the process; some who found it surprising that we had not cancelled any camp sessions back in April, plenty who have been holding out hope that we would be able to operate this summer, and many somewhere in between. This new era of Coronavirus has proven to be an altogether polarizing time. With so little clarity on what is to come of this pandemic that has affected literally everyone in our immediate world, the difficulty in creating our best way forward cannot be understated. Ultimately, the time leading up to our decision to cancel sessions was spent considering these factors.   

  • Information and data surrounding Covid-19
  • Potential adaptations to our program and site 
  • Guidelines from the CDC, EH&E, and American Camp Association
  • Our ability to comply with proposed guidelines 
  • Our program philosophy and mission
  • Approval to operate (or lack thereof) from state and local government 
  • Physical and emotional safety of our campers and staff 

Our purpose as a program is to nurture and model the goodness of the human spirit by sustaining and growing our unique Farm Camp Community. For us, that looks like campers and staff, side by side, caring for each other, learning from one another, laughing, playing, hugging, building, growing, huddled around campfires, loving on farm animals, making crafts, sharing meals, sharing tents, singing songs, communicating, collaborating and connecting with each other. Although the opportunity to create our camp experience is unavailable to us at this time, as will likely be the fate of our entire summer, we are committed to lifelong learning and adapting to change. We will be setting our intention and attention on the future of our program and longing for the next time we can all be together on the farm.


Alex, Chris, Kara & the Farm Camp Team