Check In & Check Out Day

The first day at camp is an exciting one! Whether your camper has been to camp before or it’s their first time, there are plenty of emotions and nerves that campers can feel when they get to camp. We do our best to get campers into the swing of camp as quickly as possible!

Check In Day

Monday drop-off will run from 11:00am-12:30pm.

  • You will be met by a staff member when you pull up to our property and be directed into our upper meadow or lower meadow.
  • From there you will be met by member of our leadership team and a nurse who will get your camper checked in.
  • Please have any medication ready to drop off in its original packaging, it will be collected by our nurses at that point.
  • You will be directed to drive to your camper’s unit. We will have staff available to help unload baggage and take it to your camper’s tent in the unit.

After all campers have arrived on Monday, we will start camp with a delicious all-camp lunch on the patio, lead some introductory activities, and then have a full 2 hour afternoon activity period so that campers can jump right into the camp experience! We think this change will be a phenomenal way for campers to better get to know our program, meet other campers faster, and feel more familiar with our site on Day 1.

Check Out Day

Saturday pick-up will run from 10:30am-12:00pm.

Our check out days will be pretty simple! We release campers down from our dining patio at 10:30, just after singing a mornings worth of songs. We ask that you don’t show up earlier than that so that we can give campers time to have their final goodbyes.

We’ll have staff and campers ready in their units with all of their belongs ready to load up. It will be a very similar process to drop off where we will direct you to drive back to your camper’s unit. Families are welcome to take a tour around camp with your camper and walk around the site to see all the great places they made memories in during their time at camp. We ask that you park out of the way of the camper pick up loop and that while touring the farm you don’t enter any animal pens or enclosures.

Please note: family pets are not allowed on site for drop-off or pick-up. While we love animals, pets can disturb our farm animals, so we ask that they stay at home.