First-time Campers

Welcome to Farm Camp! Whether this is your first overnight camp experience or you have been going to other camps for years, as a first-time camper, we know that you have lots of questions about what to expect this summer. After you register, we will send out a detailed Parent Information Pack with everything you will need to know. Our year-round office staff are available to answering questions or concerns so please don’t hesitate to call or write.

Preparing For Camp

Packing for camp is the beginning of each camper’s independent camp experience. Here is the Camper Packing List that tells you everything you’ll need to bring. Remember that nights at camp can be chilly so bring some warm layers and make sure that your sleeping bag is rated to at least 30 degrees or lower so you are comfortable at night!

What if I don’t know anyone else at camp?

No problem! Farm Camp is a great place to make new friends and many campers come not knowing anyone else. Our counselors are especially good at making sure all the campers feel included and a part of the group. Even if you come to camp with friends, you’ll be making lots of new ones while you’re here!

Should we drive to camp or take the bus?

This is truly based off of your preference. Many of our campers enjoy taking the bus to camp to meet other campers prior to their arrival. Others feel more comfortable aquinting themselves with camp along with their parent or guardian. We use 37 passenger shuttles that are staffed by our transportation counselors. We provide lunches both ways and have 2 convenient stops one in Berkeley and one in Marin. For more information on Transportation, please click here. For those campers flying in to the Oakland Airport, we provide a free shuttle service to and from camp.

What about homesickness?

Homesickness is something most campers experience in some way or another, but we take pride in our ability to help them gain independence and teach strategies to cope. Keeping campers engaged in the program and fostering connections with others become the main focus for our staff when with working through camper homesickness when it occurs.

How do parents and campers communicate?

Campers unplug from technology at Farm Camp so that means no cell phones. But we do offer one-way email for parents to be able to write letters as often as they like. Emails are printed off and given to the campers after lunch. Parents are welcome to send letters and care packages (not containing food) via mail and campers will be sending postcards and letters home the same way. Our counselors will send parents a camper update and unit photo each session as well. Parents are always able to call and speak with their campers if there is any type of emergency or special occasion.